China Heritage Camp Demonstration

Photos from our demonstration sponsored at the China Heritage Camp, sponsored by Dillon International, South Tulsa Baptist Church, and Formosa Assoc. of Student Cultural Ambassadors. Thank you for allowing our students to demonstrate Chinese Martial Arts (wushu) to your students! Demonstrators include: Danny, Mataya, Liliana, Nathan, Jamie, Milecia, Jennifer, Fisseha, and  Michael

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Asian Cultural Summer Camp hosted by OU, and Kung Fu and Taiji Master Luo

Sifu Luo Minghan and several students from our school were invited to teach children Wushu at the China Heritage Camp, sponsored by Dillon International, South Tulsa Baptist Church, and Formosa Association of Student Cultural Ambassadors. The campers learned of different aspects of the Chinese culture including cooking, language, dance, lion dance, kung fu, and more!

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A Great Escape: Luohan Wushu Featured in Oklahoma Magazine

Late in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, Luohan Wushu Kung Fu Center was featured in Oklahoma Magazine for its promotion of both physical and mental health during those stressful times. Below is a video compiled for Oklahoma Magazine of the students training, performing, and competing from Luohan Wushu:

Quoting Sifu Luo, “It is very good for mental and physical health. It is easy to practice regularly and consistently, and there are many benefits to practicing, especially when we want to be with other people while spreading ourselves out and giving each other lots of space. It is an excellent practice to manage anxiety, and we can do it both inside and outdoors.”

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Asia’s Centurites-Old Healing Technique

Here is an interesting article published by the BBC, regarding the longevity effects, stress reduction, and health benefits of Taiji:

“The ancient practice is immensely popular throughout China, but it is particularly beloved in Hong Kong for its ability to relieve stress and improve health. With famously small living spaces in Hong Kong, going to the city’s parks or tai chi gardens is a good way to be out in the open while getting some exercise. Hong Kong also has a rapidly ageing population – about one third of its population will be aged 65 or above by 2038 – and the city’s elderly citizens are encouraged by the government to attend classes in the morning, which are often followed by tea and dim sum with their teacher and classmates. Not only do tai chi classes promote healthy movement, but they provide the elderly with a social community and combat isolation.”

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2018 Thanksgiving Celebration

28 Thanksgiving Celebration (78 Images)

A great big 谢谢 to all our students, their family and friends, and Luo Sifu for a wonderful Thanksgiving Celebration demonstration and potluck. Our students have made incredible progress this year thanks to your support, and the feast of food was amazing!

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