2018 Thanksgiving Celebration

28 Thanksgiving Celebration (78 Images)

A great big 谢谢 to all our students, their family and friends, and Luo Sifu for a wonderful Thanksgiving Celebration demonstration and potluck. Our students have made incredible progress this year thanks to your support, and the feast of food was amazing!

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Welcome Back!

We wish to welcome back Wade Blevins, Anthony Diaz, and Mataya Woodard, who competed at the 7th World Kung Fu Championships in Emei, Sichuan, China! What an amazing experience for these three students to compete at the top levels of traditional wushu in the world. They had an amazing time, and performed excellently under a grueling travel schedule.

Mataya, Anthony, and Wade at the 7th World Kung Fu Championships

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2017 Thanksgiving Celebration [Gallery]

2017 Thanksgiving Celebration (75 Images)

Thank you to all our students, family, and friends for a wonderful year, and a great celebration! Below are pictures from our excellent student demonstrations. We have had many great events this year, including demonstrating at the CAAT Chinese New Year Celebration, the OU Confucius Center, and we had several students travel to China to compete at the 7th World Kung Fu Championships in Emei! Thank to everyone for being a member of the Luohan Wushu family!

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7th World Kung Fu Championships

Top from left to right: Wade, Mataya, and Anthony. Bottom from Nationals: Anthony, Adelynn, John, Mataya, and Wade.

All of us at Luohan Wushu Kung Fu Center want to wish the very best to our students who will be traveling to Emeishan, China next week to compete at the 7th World Kung Fu Championships!

Last August, Wade, Anthony, John, Adelynn, and Mataya made the U.S. Traditional Wushu team competing at Nationals in Lubbock, TX. Due to injury, Adelynn will not be traveling with the team, and John, though going, will be unable to compete. Wade will be competing in Tuokao quan and sanjiegun (3 section staff), Mataya will compete in Fanzi quan and jian (straight sword), and Anthony will compete in Baji quan and nandao (southern broadsword).

We hope they have an amazing trip and experience representing our school and the USA on the World stage! JIAYOU!

New Year Demonstrations on Saturday, January 28th

We have two demonstrations coming up, on the same day - Saturday, January 28th! Some of you may be demonstrating at one, some at the other, and some at both! Please check with Luo Sifu to be sure which demonstration(s) you are doing, and what taolu/weapons.

2016 Thanksgiving Celebration [Gallery]

2016 Wushu Family

2016 Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanks to Sifu Luo for his continued teachings and guidance. Thanks for Asst. Coach Darrin and Wade for their support of the school and all the students, as well as Sifu Luo. Thanks to all the students for their hard work throughout the year and their dedication to wude (martial ethics). Thanks to Kevin for the wonderful photos. Thanks to Wade, Jamie, and Russel for sharing your beautiful culture with us. And thanks to all the parents and friends who support our students and school, and make this the amazing family it is.

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