Luohan Style

The Style Taught in Luohan Wushu Kung Fu Center

Barehand exercise, which include a variety of hand forms from slow and graceful Tai Chi Quan to the vigorous and explosive Chang Quan (Long Fist), Shaolin Kungfu routines. Other forms include Nan Quan (Southern Fist), Pigua, Fanzi, Eagle Quan and Xingyi, Baji, Baqua Zhang (Eight Diagrams Fist) and Drunken Quan, Tiger and Praying Mantis (Tanglang Quan) etc.

Weapons exercise, Include Broadsword, Straight sword, spear and staff, other weapons include three section staff, Nine-section whip, Pudao, Monk’s Spade, butterfly Swords, Double Broadsword and Double hook etc.

Combat exercise; include Defense drill, Chin Nan (Holding-and Catching Sparring and set sparring by two or more partners, such as barehand vs. barehand, barehand vs. weapons or weapon vs. weapons.