The Program

Luohan Wushu Kung Fu Center offers a program to meet every need. Whether your goals are:

  • to increase your level of fitness
  • to learn self defense techniques
  • to study internal martial arts
  • to train for international level competition

The Center has a martial arts program to fit your needs. We offer classes for children and adults as well as offering private lessons. Click here to learn more about The Center’s philosophy and code of conduct.



1. Little Dragon Program

This class is specifically developed for kids 4 to 6 years old. It helps our little ones develop fine motor skills through fun Wushu/Kungfu games and movements, increase their attention span, and build up self-esteem and discipline.

Teach basic motor skills for the little ones through various fun Wushu games and movements practice.

2. Children’s Program

This program is specially designed for children 7 to 12 years old. It helps the students improve their self-esteem, teach them respect and self-discipline, and develop their confidence and self-defense skills.

Beginner – learn Wushu basic forms, develop the flexibility

Intermediate – learn Wushu forms and basic weapons, develop flexibility, coordination, basic speed and strength

Advanced – learn Wushu advanced forms and weapons designed for children, begin to develop body condition needed for modern Wushu competition, develop awareness and ability for self-defense

3. Adults Traditional Wushu / Kung Fu Program

This class is designed for adults of all age to be able to participate. If you are looking for a way to reduce stress, enjoy different cultures, gain self-confidence and self-defense skills, or just a great work out, this class is for you! After you have developed good techniques and body condition, your training can go many directions. You could learn internal or external bare hand forms or basic weapon forms. Once you become more advanced, you could learn many advanced forms and skills that are designed by Sifu Luo. The content of this class is a mixture of 80 percent of traditional Wushu/Kungfu and 20 percent of contemporary Wushu.

4. Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Tai Chi is the exercise in both physical and mental relaxation, it re-energizes you every time you practice it. The movements are controlled, slow and continuously flowing. Tai Chi exercise revitalizes you, enabling your entire being body and mind to be supple and well balanced. We teach short program and systematic Tai Chi, Xinyi Quan, Baqua Zhang, push hand and internal weapons.

Tai Chi and Qu Gong (internal ) Program

Relaxation exercise, health improvement and self-defense

5. Senior Tai Chi

Relaxation exercise, health and balance improvement.