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Wude, or martial ethics, is a code that wushu practitioners are expected to adopt, perfect, and exemplify in not only their training but their everyday lives.

Wude, or martial ethics, is a code that wushu practitioners are expected to adopt, perfect, and exemplify in not only their training but their everyday lives.

Welcome to Luohan Wushu Kung Fu Center

义 (Yi) Maintain integrity, honesty, and moral conducts

礼 (Li) Be polite, humble and in good manners

智 (Zhi) Understand the philosophy and the wisdom of Wushu

信 (Xin) Act in good faith and be loyal to the martial arts you practice

勇 (Yong) Practice hard with confidence and overcome the challenges

Code of Conduct

In order to ensure Luohan Wushu Kung Fu Center can provide its students with a safe, orderly, stress-free and none distracting learning environment, the rules are designed to inform all students of the procedures and the expectation to each person. These codes of conduct will enable the instructor to teach more effectively and also assist each student learning more efficiently.

Students and instructors salute to each other before the class starts and dismisses by bowing. We bow to show humble and respect for each other.

Students should wear the uniform of the Center and the training shoes in the class, and make sure your uniform and the shoes are clean and neat. For safety sake, no earrings, chains or ornaments are to be worn while training.

No abusive words or improper behaviors are tolerated. While waiting for your class to start, talk quietly, do not distract the class. Do not eat, run, and play around at the Center.

During the class, the instructor should be addressed as “Sifu” (師父, “master”) or “Lǎoshī” (老师, “teacher”). Be Respectful to your instructors, assistant instructors, group leaders, fellow members and yourself at all times. Respect the rights and property of the others in Center.

If you have a question or need assistance in techniques, please feel free to ask while instructor is not busy. If you finish what you have been told to do and the instructor is busy, do it again. Please honor this important request.

Pay attention when the technique is being demonstrated or explained by the instructor. Also pay attention when your classmate is demonstrating in class, always inspire each other.

10941837_792134357547460_2708501141522750663_nFor your safety and the safety of others, do not attempt to teach techniques without permission from an instructor . Students are expected to practice only on techniques they are instructed to. Do not practice weapons without instructors present. Please use the training area only for practicing what you have been taught.

Students must be on time and ready before the class begins. If you are unavoidably late for class, be sure to enter the class quietly so as not to disrupt the ongoing training, it is customary to ask the permission from the instructor before joining the class.

If you attend class with a previous injury or without feeling well, please ask your instructor for self-adjustment training or exercise caution.

Be respectful of the other styles of martial arts. Bring honor to our arts with hard work and dedicated training. Represent our school with honor and dignity so that the others will respect our school.