RIP, Master Yu Chenghui

Master Yu Chenghui

Master Yu Chenghui

Famous Wushu player and Chinese film actor Yu Chenghui passed away today . Such a great loss to the martial arts community. His contributions to Wushu will forever be remembered.

Yu Chenghui was born in shandong province in 1939. He was best known for his work in reviving shuang shuo jian (2 handed straight sword) and well known Tanglang Quan (mantis fist) player. He was a member of the Shandong professional Wushu team and won many national and international awards, particularly in jianshu and zuijian shu.

He was an actor in many Wushu and wuxia films, including “shaolin temple”, with Jet Li, as well as many others, being actor and action coreographer and director in many famous films.

Master Yu was a great inspiration to our sifu, Luo Minghan, and longtime friend of our sigung. His loss to the martial arts community is profound, but his inspiration and legacy will live on.

RIP Yu Chenghui, aged 76.

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